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PTXdist is a build system for firmware images. It is developed by an Open Source Community including Pengutronix since 2001. The configuration system Kconfig, known from the Linux kernel, is used to select and configure each package. The collection of recipes is based on GNU Make and Bash.

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Easy to Configure

The Kconfig-based configuration makes it easy to select packages and package options using menuconfig frontend.

Developer Friendly

A built-in NFS server supports rapid development.


While providing a good standard set of configuration and tools, you may fully customize it to match your needs.

Dive into PTXdist

PTXdist is an easy-to-use Linux distribution build tool that allows you to compose your embedded Linux out of a huge set of standard components with a simple kernel-like configuration interface.

Despite being rather simple in the basic configuration PTXdist also allows you to perform truly complex and very fine-grained customization of the packages and system configuration you need.

The best way to start using PTXdist is reading our Documentation.

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Use the DistroKit to start for some common platforms (BeagleBone, RPI I, RPI II, ..).

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The easy-to-use Barebox bootloader supports a huge range of platforms (arm, x86, power-pc).

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Simple, safe and secure image updates using the RAUC update tool.

Need Some Help?

Post your question to the mailing list, visit the #ptxdist IRC channel on Libera.Chat.


Join the discussions on the mailing list, or send your patches to it.